Dardo N. Ferreiro
PhD in Neuroscience

Building bridges between neuroscience and experimental psychology. 

Spearheading projects in human and rodent sensory perception, decision making,
and social interaction.

I ask real-world grounded questions and design naturalistic experiments
to investigate them across species with a comparative approach.

My past 

Biologist turned neuroscientist with ample interdisciplinary experience.

Studied in Latin America, now working in Germany.
Supervised projects and students in both continents.

Published peer-reviewed articles in fundamental neurophysiology,  and in both human and rodent behavior and decision making.

My vision 

I believe that the best way forward in the study of neuroscience is with more complex, naturalistic experimental paradigms, and to compare across species.

So I study freely moving gerbils and humans performing naturalistic tasks, to better understand the behavioral and neural basis of sensory perception, as well as decision making, social interaction and event forecasting. 

Neuroethology Sensory Neurophysiology Auditory and Visual Perception Decision Making Social Interaction Crowd Cognition